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Are you Googling all the things about how to work in Showit?

When I was just learning Showit I DEFINITELY Googled...A LOT. I loved the blog posts that were really clear and step by step, and I loved the videos of watching things happen in real time. Before I was a Showit Designer, I was in the corporate world and one of my main responsibilities was creating clear, concise step by step instructions and standard operating procedures. I find so much value in providing others that are learning with the tools to be successful.

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That's me! I'm Stacey.


I love the feeling of stepping in and getting it done for someone. I have a creative eye, the ability to learn as I go, and after my 10+ years in the corporate hotel industry I know how to work with little direction very efficiently. I can't wait to guide you through the process of template customization, and launch your online home EXACTLY how you have always envisioned it.

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