I joined the ShowIt User Group on Facebook and spent lots of time drooling over the work other designers would post. The community was amazing, and it made me realize how I would really thrive assisting designers.

I love the feeling of stepping in and getting it done for someone. I have a creative eye, the ability to learn as I go, and after my 10+ years in the corporate hotel industry I know how to work with little direction and with multiple different management types. I can't wait to take something off your plate so you can focus on what YOU are passionate about in your business!

Hey, I'm Stacey

SHOWIT DEVELOPER & creative assistant

I could live off of cereal and mac and cheese.

favorite food

I'm a state of Maine girl and love every season! Yes, even Maine winters.

lover of all seasons

If you watch The Office or Seinfeld, we will have a great relationship.

favorite tv shows

All about a vanilla latte, or pumpkin if the season is right!

coffee lovin'

Get to Know stacey

I have always had an eye for design, and creativity is a big piece of who I am. I know what looks right, and what doesn't. I have an eye for detail, which means I'm not just copying, pasting, and going through the motions. I'm putting the same dedication and attention into your business as I would for my own.

We will both be investing in each other. I love hearing about your business and learning about how you work your business. As we work through projects together I will quickly pick up on your work style, and we will develop an amazing relationship!

i don't just check the boxes when i work...

STACEY WAS detailed and provided unexpected value above and beyond the base service. I loved seeing that you had an outside perspective that made me consider new opportunities I had not previously considered.




I love the virtual world and my preferred (and fastest) method of communication is email. Please complete the form below, and I will reach out to you within 24 hours. I am really looking forward to hearing about your business and how I can help!


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