I love the feeling of stepping in and getting it done for someone. I have a creative eye, the ability to learn as I go, and after my 10+ years in the corporate hotel industry I know how to work with little direction very efficiently. I can't wait to launch your online home EXACTLY how you have always envisioned it, and become someone you can reach out to for all of your Showit questions in the future.

Showit Designer & Developer for Busy Entrepreneurs and Showit Designers

Hey, I'm Stacey

I could live off of cereal and mac and cheese.

favorite food

I'm a state of Maine girl and love every season! Yes, even Maine winters.

lover of all seasons

If you watch The Office or Seinfeld, we will have a great relationship.

favorite tv shows

All about a vanilla latte, or pumpkin if the season is right!

coffee lovin'

Some of my favorites...

We will both be investing in each other.

I have always had an eye for design, and creativity is a big piece of who I am. I know what looks right, and what doesn't. I have an eye for detail, which means I'm not just copying, pasting, and going through the motions. I'm putting the same dedication and attention into your business as I would for my own.

I love hearing about your business and your entrepreneurial story. As we work through a project together I will quickly pick up on your vision, and we will develop your website into exactly how you always pictured it!

I don't just check the boxes when I work...

Danielle Cook, Copywriter

"Working with Stacey was such a joy! She expertly knew exactly how to implement every element in my website to create a beautiful experience for potential clients visiting my site. Effortlessly orchestrating photos, copy, templates, and best UX/ UI principles together. Thanks to Stacey I was able to enjoy a vacation in Florida while my website was receiving a much-needed update."

If I have any questions or need clarification, you’re getting one big email with a punch list. I’m organized and efficient, and I’m not going to get all crazy with one line emails.

Efficiency Is Key


I live for Loom videos. I will love the relationship we have and love doing business together but I want you to be able to work within your own site. I’ll send thorough how-to videos at the end of our time, and any other time you may need a refresher.

Loom is My BF


I will love your business as if it were my own. If I see something in a template that I don’t think works, or something that we could make better, I’m going to do it for you! Through our process I'll learn about you, what you do and the ideas in your head for your website and bring them to life.

Experience = Ideas


I’m not a fan of constant back and forth. I’m sure you don’t need another email and I’m also sure you don’t want to repeat yourself. I should be able to get your vision in one call, a round of revisions and launch your site with perfection.

Intuitive Partner


My Work Style

Tawny, Sunrise Pointe Cafe

"Stacey approaches the project with organization, clarity, timeliness and a great sensE of humor and easy approach. I never felt stressed or worried that the end result wouldn't be amazing."

Michael Scott, The Office

"Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy – both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me." 

~ target pick-up...order, ready, pick it up, love it.

~ i'm kind of a coffee snob...and wine snob

~ four-wheeling and outdoor adventures

~ Working outside in nice weather

~ A slow start to the Day

things I love and appreciate



If you feel like drinking coffee (or wine), quoting The Office, and having fun creating your online home...we should start talkin'.

Do we sound like best friends?