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Are you staying up late, waking up early, no time for bathroom breaks, telling your kids you need just 'one more minute'. Yuk...that is NOT why you started your business. You need help with Showit - and you are in the right place.

Showit Development Help

Providing white label web design work for your Showit development. Available for template customizations, full site design, or mobile development.

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Showit Design Support

It would help to have an extra set of eyes (and hands) for prep, launch and other tasks that someone else can do to free up your time.

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"Literally, that was the single best service I have ever paid for for the entirety of my business. No one has ever been so efficient, specific, and detail oriented while also going over the top of what I even dreamed of."

Makena Delaney, The Carlyle Creative

How easy is it?

My Process is Your Process

I'm here to help serve YOU, and make your life easier. Whether you use Clickup or Asana, chat in Slack or Voxer - I can slide right into your process, and the more we work together, the better flow we will get!

Showit projects completed faster








trusted by these amazing showit designers

I had so much on my plate and I love that I can trust her to perfectly execute the design.

"Take it from me friend, I am SO glad I decided to hire Stacey to help me develop my client's site. I handed over my design files and she took it from there! Definitely will come back to Stacey for help on future projects!"

She facilitates such an easy process, her communication style is warm and attentive, and she's faster than lightning!

The way Stacey approaches projects, so nimbly and without hesitation is refreshing. I was so impressed with how she was able to so quickly articulate my design, and particularly how she handled feedback - she so comfortably made edits and offered a sense of security that she could handle anything I sent her way.

Char Gladden Studio



Showit Full Site Development

The site is designed and looks oh so pretty in AdobeXD or Figma (or whatever your software preference is), and now you need it brought to life in Showit.

  • The Base Package includes five pages (typically Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog (includes Blog and Single Post page)
  • Mobile optimization
  • Image optimization and renaming
  • Technical embeds (contact forms, email sign-ups from third parties)
  • Linking and design transitions (fading, hover, etc.)
  • Basic SEO (text tags and canvas order)
  • Four revision 'rounds' which includes yourself as the designer and the client.
  • 4-6 business days to be completed

*Any additional pages will be quoted based on the project.

| $1029

"No one has ever been so efficient, specific, and detail oriented while also going over the top of what I even dreamed of."

Showit Template Customizations

This is the perfect partnership! You handle all of the interaction with the client and then pass everything off to me to fully customize their template!

  • The Base Package includes five pages of customization (typically Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog (includes Blog and Single Post page)
  • Client must provide images and copy
  • 2-4 business days to be completed

*Any additional pages will be quoted based on the project.

| $779

Showit Mobile Site Development

You finished your design in Showit and switched to's a mess. Let me swoop in and help you out! A second pair of eyes is great too!

| $529

  • The Base Package includes five pages (typically Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog (includes Blog and Single Post page
  • 2 business days to be completed

*Any additional pages will be quoted based on the project.
"I was able to free up at least Five hours on this project! Stacey is an efficient and creative design assistant who functions as a reliable extra set of hands when you need it."

"Stacey is great to work with. She is a quick learner and is eager to try new things. She haS great communication skills - meeting all deadlines, keeping me informed and reaching out with great questions. She is also such a happy and positive person to work with!"

Rachelle, 86th & Trend

REALITY CHECK: You don't need to do everything


I provide Showit Design Support for any tasks that are necessary to help you get ahead on your projects. Here are some examples of how I can help.

Prep to Launch

Final details after you have finished designing in Showit - could include SEO, links, and a second pair of eyes to make sure it is 100% good to go to the client.

Showit Setup

Assistance setting up the Showit account before you start designing - could include image and video optimization, design settings ready to go based on brand files.

Showit Support

Does your client have pages of revisions? Let me tackle them and free up your time. I can jump in with little direction to get these done quickly, and this project done!

Showit Launch

Help with DNS settings, ensuring the blog looks perfect, connecting social media, testing embed forms, and providing a final look on functionality before going live.

Investment starts at $529

Minimum amount of hours is three hours, and I will quote on a project basis


for designers


Laid-back, let's get it done, efficient designer

I joined the ShowIt User Group on Facebook and spent lots of time drooling over the work other designers would post. The designer community was amazing, and it made me realize how I would really thrive assisting Showit designers. My goal is to relieve your workload so you can focus on the things that matter in your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

About Showit Development and white label web design

How much lead time do you need before a Showit development project?

I prefer at least 1-2 weeks notice prior to when you will be ready for development. I am flexible and completely understand timelines are dependent on your client feedback, so I just ask to stay in communication with me as far as any timeframes that may change.

How much are the 'additional' pages if I need more than the base package of five pages?

I am very flexible and will quote appropriately based on the content of your additional pages. Typically a full page is $125/page but I do consider some smaller pages as one - that is why it is best to ask before we start and I can give you a solid investment number.

How long does it take you to develop the site in Showit once you have the files you need?

Once I have a look at your designs I can quote a more concrete timeline prior to starting, but as a guideline it would take 4-6 business days to complete once I receive the files.

What happens when you're done developing the design in Showit?

While I'm designing I keep a list of anything that is needed (links, text, etc.) which I will provide you. I also keep all images and files in a Google Drive which I can send to you as well (which is especially helpful if you will be moving the site to the Showit account of your client!). If you need help moving to your client's account and launching, I can help with that as well!

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