You want something now and you can learn later. 

You hear all these great things about how easy ShowIt is (and it is), but let's be honest...

Showit Template Customization

How you know you should hire for your

You purchased the PERFECT Showit Template with the intention that you are absolutely going to DIY this bad boy. Well...things come up, you are spending WAY too much time Googling, and you only have so much. So how do you know when it's time to hire out for this project?

You realize time is getting in the way...and time is money.

You know what you want, but don't have enough technical know-how.

You're worried your 'template' will look like everyone elses.

You have email marketing, you have an opt-in, you use a CRM but how the heck do you get it all into ShowIt?

Showit is an amazing drag and drop builder that you can absolutely learn how to do. But can you really do it "in your spare time" or when you're running your business?

Your template is great and you love it...until you look closer and realize you want it to do "this" or "that" or switch things around, or make something look more custom.

Ohhh yea...those technical details. Embed it where? How? Why isn't it showing? Why does the background look weird? What is the best way to make things pop-up? Yea, that happens. 

With my services you get the template you love, with a few custom pieces to make it stand out for YOU. A template with a designer brings your brand to life, exactly how you envision.

What's included:

~customization of all template pages

~ domain & Blog set-up

~ linking throughout the site (menus, footer, call to action, etc.)

~ technical connections (email marketing, opt-in, etc.)

~ basic seo on pages & images


~ Images resized & uploaded

LOVE THE SOUND OF THAT? Have questions?


If you're looking for a laid-back, let's get it done, efficient & organized type of girl...

I'm the one you've been searching for.

I’m definitely not a “hop on a call” type person but I am 100% a send a video type person! I LOVE sending videos of me talking through every step of a process, showing you and guiding you. We will work together to make sure your template shows off exactly who you are.

Let's start!

Let's look through that template! We will go page by page uncovering what you need, what you don't need, and anything you already have thoughts on updating. I'll send you a copy worksheet after our call (yes, you will have homework), and you will have a few days to complete that. In the meantime, I'll be implementing everything we talked about that was design related.

review time!

The design is lookin' real good and copy is in. And when I say real good, I's practically done at this point). Your vision is right there and you can feel the excitement.  I'll send you a list of anything that I'm missing, you review everything, send me the info and I'll make it look oh, so nice. You are SO close to launching at this point, and I am JUST as excited as you are about your new online “home”

Launch It!

I've made your revisions and I've gone through your site one more time to make sure everything is perfect. The sizing, the links, the alignment, the's ready for you. We will connect your domain and do all the 'blog' stuff, and you are off and ready to launch.

Showit Template Customization

A day in the life of a

Here's a fact...

This project will be as fast as you want it to be. Copy ready? Images ready? I'm ready.

Showit Designers...Feelin' Busy?

Your calendar is jam-packed and you're feeling good...and overwhelmed...and stressed. You just need to stop spending time on the little thing so you have more time for the creative, design things. It's time to outsource!

Click if you need more coffee time


Revel Studios Photography & Cinematography started with The Verona Template designed by Gillian Sarah. We added some custom galleries and pop-ups to showcase their wedding photography, and also some custom pages.

Showit Template Customization Spotlight

"My favorite part was the excitement of seeing what Stacey designed. From colors making the copy flow better-it all was fantastic! It was like Christmas each time I saw something new."

Ann, Ann Wagaman Photography

"Stacey is the absolute best!! I was beyond frustrated with trying to do everything myself. I was amazed at the end product and how clearly she was able to explain things to me."

JJ, Thriving With Less Blog

Customizing Your Showit Template


Working with a designer that knows the in's and out's of Showit, PLUS knows how to create strategic website gives you an even BETTER opportunity to showcase your brand

You will get a customized how-to video at the end of our time together. Articles and blog posts are great, but there's something about your own website being used in a tutorial that makes things even easier after we part ways.

Let's be honest...are you only going to update your website once? Probably not. You will have a designer friend to go to whenever you need to update your site and have a question. Buh-bye Google and Facebook groups!

Have I mentioned the amount of time you are going to spend Googling the how-to's if you do it yourself? Time is valuable and you have your own business so you have more of it...not less.


>> investment value from $900-$1,500 <<

Are you ready?

Whether you have a template and you're ready to start, or you haven't picked one out know it is time. Let's chat, see if we are a perfect match, and get started!

Sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes, or you have a few things left on your website that you need help with. This is perfect for those few tasks you need to get done so you can launch your website! Some common work I've done includes:

- Creating a new canvas for testimonials, new services, an announcement, etc.
- Update branding throughout the site (logo, brand colors, fonts)
- Connect a new email marketing system to your email opt-in
- Create pop-up for a new freebie
- Design and set-up blog on website including blog category pages

We can talk about what you need, and set up a block of time for me to help take some tasks off your plate.

Design Assistant for a Day

looking for just a little extra support?

>> investment value from $269 to $529 >>

Do I need a template before we start working together?

Not at all! If you haven't picked a template yet, but you know that is the route you want to go, I can find a few options for you to choose from and then we can get started. The cost of the template is not included in my services price.

You should already have your domain purchased (I suggest Google Domains), and you should have your Showit account created. You should also have your mission statement to help guide the project. Who you are, what you do, and who you serve.

Of course not! I would suggest having some images ready to go of yourself for your About page. I can include a search for stock images in our package so you don't have to worry about having everything "perfect" for your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I have before we start working together?

I haven't had a brand photoshoot, is that a problem?

I have no idea what "words" I need for my site. Can you help?

After we go through the template I'll provide a copy worksheet for you. This will guide you through the template (probably without you even knowing it!), and I can take what you write and turn it into amazing copy for your site.

That is why we have an initial run-through of your site! We will hide any sections and pages that don't apply, or you aren't ready for. We can also talk about re-working some sections. Between your ideas and my design eye, we will make it perfect.

At the completion of the project I'll send you a custom how-to video walking through your site. Showit is an amazing drag and drop platform and you don't need to be tied to a designer for every update you want to make! I'll always be here if you have questions later as well.

My template is great but I don't need everything that came in it.

What happens when we are done with the project?

my portfolio

Show-it Off

(see what I did there?)

Ok...let's do this!

You know you are ready. Enough researching, no more Googling, and absolutely no more early mornings and late nights trying to figure this thing out.