You will never have to say "I can't meet that deadline" to a customer ever again. You remain the point person, and let me do the design work. You continue to build the relationship with your client, while I provide the same quality of work they would expect from you. The difference is...more time for YOU!

Design Support From Behind The Curtain

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about me

I'm's so nice to meet you! I get the greatest pleasure being behind the scenes. Spending my days being creative, learning about other businesses and meeting new business entrepreneurs is what I love. I am here to take the design off your plate so you can focus on what your business needs - your attention!

a partner in growing your business

allowing you extra time in your business for more creativity & freedom

I know you are very busy, and let's be honest...nobody needs another email in their inbox! Once I receive all of the client information from you, I will get right to work. My main priority is to make our time together as seamless and efficient as possible.

Mornings in Paris Cafe

kind words

"Stacey is always attentive, responsive and most importantly adds value in areas where we do not have expertise. Stacey has done a full website update, manages our direct email and advises on social media activity. Our business Mornings in Paris has definitely grown and evolved whilst partnering with Coffee and Flow due to our collaboration."

- paul & katelyn h.

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