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Revel Studios Photography & Cinematography started with The Verona Template designed by Gillian Sarah. We added some custom galleries and pop-ups to showcase their wedding photography, and also some custom pages.

Showit Template Customization

*Completed March 2021 - changes may have been made to the published site since development


Carey was at a point where she had filled in most of her template, but needed some help making it look just right. I set up some hidden canvas views that she could unhide when certain events and programs were live. I LOVED her bright colors and her message is so uplifting.

Nicole had spent months trying to launch her site, and had everything ready to go. She just needed someone to come in and get it done for her! After some design elements were added and Calendly was embedded, she was ready to launch.


Ann had a great start to her website but was at a point where she just needed some help to bring it to the finish line. I went through and update the design elements on her site, re-arranged some of her design elements, and emphasized some of her copy she already had. I also created three different service option canvas' so she can hide/unhide as she grows her services!


JJ purchased The Tippen Template from Gillian Sarah but wasn't quite sure how to get the look she wanted for her blog. We really put a lot of time into customizing her blog layouts, and also created separate Blog Category pages for each of her categories. We completely redesigned a Recipe page which highlighted her different recipe categories.

Showit Website Refresh Projects

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click to see the before


Client: Robin Manno Photography
Completed January 2021 - changes may have been made to the published site since development


This photographer client wanted to update her site with her new brand logo and colors. She also wanted a custom investment drop-down section that displayed her different packages in a clean way. We created custom canvas views that drop-down based on what the customer clicks.

Client: Tomayia Colvin Education
Completed March 2021 - changes may have been made to the published site since development

This client was looking to add a custom testimonial section to her Showit website. As each testimonial appears automatically, a circle appears behind the image of the person that provided the quote. You can also click each person to manually click through the testimonials.

Showit Designer Day Projects

These projects were smaller development projects that fell under Designer Day in my pricing packages.



"I was looking for someone to help me finish a few details on my website and Stacey went above and beyond to make everything look perfect. She had great ideas that really helped with the layout and the overall flow of my website."

- Paul & Katelyn, Mornings in Paris

"Stacey is always attentive , responsive and most importantly adds value in areas where we do not have expertise. Stacey has done a full website update, manages our direct email and advises on social media activity."


Showit Designer & White Label Design Assistant

Hey, I'm Stacey

Templates are GREAT. You get all the strategy from a designer that would charge $10K, but at an amazing price point you can work with. Then you get the template and realize there are a few things you want to change, move around or update.

You could Google it and figure it out, but that is super time consuming. Plus the guidance from a pro would be nice. Let's chat and see how we can partner together to make your online presence feel like home.

So, tell me more...

You want to hear all the details. How a template customization works, what is involved, all the goodness.