You either just got your copy back from a copywriter and you're about ready to put it into your site...or you've been messing around with entering that fresh copy into your site for weeks and it still isn't flowing. Stop wasting your time and let's get that site perfect and launched!

Stop Feeling Like Your Website Looks "Eh" and Get it Looking like "YESSS!"

Showit Website Refresh

You know you need more time for relaxing


let's jump to the OPTIONS

You could have your Showit website updated in 24 hours...sounds nice, doesn't it?

You will be able to give me any feedback or changes, and I will complete them within 1-2 days. After I'm done we will hit Publish on your site and it will be live! Quick, easy, and done! I will send you a video explaining everything that I did so you know how to update it yourself. It is your site and I want you to feel empowered to update it if you want to!

List Complete!

I'll start by making a copy of your existing site - just incase you need to refer back at any point! I will shoot you an email before I get started, and then get into your Showit account! The design magic will begin - and when I am done I will send over a video walking through what I completed. I will also send you a list of anything that I might be missing or any questions I may have.

Design Day

Send me the list of Showit pages that need a little love! My package starts with 5 pages, but we can always work together if it doesn't fit your needs perfectly. Once I quote a rate and a day I can work on it, we can go through the quick contract/payment process. Then you will send over anything I might need, your login info, and we will be ready to go.

Send The Pages!

Refresh Your Showit Website

What To Expect WHEN I

Angela Archer, Photographer

"She exceeded my expectations and went above what I expected her to do. She is also GREAT at communicating what is needed and responded so fast to any emails or questions I had."

This is perfect!

Basically you have a current site and you're ready to uplevel it.

you love your current site but do not love the website platform you are currently on


started customizing your showit template but needs a professional eye to make it strategic (and pretty)


Worked with a copywriter and needs your site update


This package is perfect if you are someone that...

I'm ready to talk!

investment starts at $1200

Basic SEO on your pages which includes text tags, the order of items in your Showit canvas', and page settings.


Mobile optimization to all of your pages to make sure text is aligned correctly, image placement and overall design is appealing to mobile visitors. 


Design updates to those pages including the way text is laid out and formatted, image placement, general strategic flow of your pages, and anything else to make your pages look perfect (and convert customers!).


My standard package includes five Showit pages (this is typically Home, About, Services, Contact and Blog (which includes Blog and Single Post layout)). If this doesn't fit your needs 100%, let's chat and work it out! I can go with the flow ;)


So, what is included in updating your Showit website?

Need something more? We can always chat and see what we can do for a customized option!


Any embeds from your CRM (like Honeybook, Dubsado, etc.) or call scheduling software if necessary


Showit Website Refresh Projects

Browse some of my

- Stephanie Sonju

 I trusted her from the very beginning and she took my site from looking MEH to OK THIS GIRL IS AN EXPERT. I didn't need any copy redone, but in a way she made it BETTER with spacing, font choices, and flair. She made everything SO easy.

"It's like Stacey crawled in my head and was like "this is what you need".



Client: Sonju Photography
Stephanie invested a lot in a copywriter for her Showit site, and needed help making the copy and the design work together. I did a full refresh on six of her pages, and tidied up a few more to make sure her website matched her fun, edgy vibe!

Completed September 2022 - changes may have been made to the published site since development.

Wedding Photographer

- Danielle Cook

Working with Stacey was such a joy! She expertly knew exactly how to implement every element in my website to create a beautiful experience for potential clients visiting my site. Effortlessly orchestrating photos, copy, templates, and best UX/ UI principles together.

"I loved that I could send stacey all the information and she knew exactly what to do from there."



Client: Danielle Cook
Danielle is a professional ghostwriter and copywriter - so you know her copy was perfect! I updated her already amazing Elizabeth McCravy template with her new copy, and also designed some new pages for her additional services. It was so fun keeping the design integrity of the Showit template but adding some custom elements to really make her brand stand out in the best way possible.

Completed March 2022 - changes may have been made to the published site since development.



I’m definitely not a “hop on a call” type person but I am 100% a send a video type person! I LOVE sending videos walking through your original site with what is popping into my head as I'm scrolling. I just have that intuitive "it would look SO good like this" type of brain.

Laid-back, let's get it done, efficient designer

Stacey | Showit Designer

- Asti Maree

Stacey understood my vision from the get go. It was absolutely everything that I wanted. No going back and forwards she nailed it first time. I'll never feel the need to micro manage so I can just delegate tasks and focus on what I need to be doing. Makes running a business so much easier. It all gets to FLOW!

Honestly everything was so EASY! Communicating was easy, she just understood my vision and what I wanted and it was perfect first time!

Sales Page - The Spark
This sales page was so much fun to create. I added movement with gifs and background videos, and the testimonial slider was my absolute favorite. Be sure to check out the actual sales page for The Spark, and our second project together That Woman which was just as fun to create.

Completed Summer 2022 - changes may have been made to the published site since development.

Intimacy Coach Sales Pages



investment starts at $529
to update sales page copy

You have a brand new offer and your copywriter has nailed the copy. You could just plug it into your existing sales page...but wouldn't it be fun to have something new?  When I update your sales page copy, I provide design adjustments to ensure your words jump out of the page.

Need the Copy Updated for your Sales Page? You're in the right place...


*Copy and any updated images must be provided by you

Time For An Update!


  • One sales page (as long as you need)
  • Mobile optimization
  • Image optimization and renaming
  • Technical embeds (contact forms, email sign-ups from third parties)
  • Linking and design transitions (fading, hover, etc.)
  • Basic SEO (text tags and canvas order)
  • Two revision 'rounds'
  • 24-48 hour turnaround (yes, that's right)

Sales Page Refresh

*Any additional pages will be quoted based on the project. This timeline is based 100% on how fast we work together as far as turnaround times with revisions.



  • The Base Package includes five pages (typically Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog (includes Blog and Single Post page)*
  • Mobile optimization
  • Image optimization and renaming
  • Technical embeds (contact forms, email sign-ups from third parties)
  • Linking and design transitions (fading, hover, etc.)
  • Basic SEO (text tags and canvas order)
  • Two revision 'rounds'
  • 2 weeks to be completed and launched*

Showit Website Refresh


Let's Re-Group...


Although I have a base package, I love making sure the project price is based on what you need. Reach out and let's talk about it!

Wouldn't it be nice to focus on other things?
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