Black Friday 2023 Deals for Your Website

November 15, 2023

There are lots of tech deals that you can take advantage of during Black Friday 2023. I compiled my favorites into this list for you! This blog post contains affiliate links.

Favorite Showit Website Template Shops

If you are going to be starting a brand new website or want a refresh to your website in 2024, you want to check out these template shops on Black Friday 2023. If you aren’t sure what a Showit website template is…basically a Showit website template will give you a completed website where you can go in and update the text and images to your own. It is a super easy and quick, do it yourself method to getting a professional and strategic website without the 5 figure price tag that comes with a custom website.

If you use any of my links below for website templates, you will get 15% off my template customization service!

Tonic Site Shop

Style of their Showit templates: for the modern entrepreneur

Black Friday Sale Dates:
Nov 15 through Nov 27

The Deals: 20% off templates (they have full website templates and lots of add-on options too!); and they have some special Black Friday bundles available!

Shop here and use the code at checkout to save: BLACKFRIYAY

Elizabeth McCravy Showit Template Shop

Style of her Showit templates: fun, bright, bubbly, cheerful

Black Friday Sale Dates:
Nov 17 through Nov 27

The Deals: 35% off all of her templates, and she’s going to have some AMAZING bonuses too! All of her Showit templates come with a detailed Showit Blueprint Course which walks you through every step of customizing her templates

Shop here and use the code at checkout to save: BLACKFRIDAY

Protect Your Website (and Your Business)

Keeping your website legal is probably not at the top of your mind, but can you imagine the cost that you would incur if your site wasn’t legal? Now is the time to take the step.


I use Termageddon for my terms and conditions, privacy policy, and disclaimer policies. They make it SO easy and the cost is extremely affordable (especially compared to what you would pay a local lawyer!). Plus they actually auto-update the policies if anything changes!

Black Friday Sale Dates: now through December 3

The Deal: 30% off your first year subscription payment ($83.30) and then your plan will renew annually at $119/year PLUS privacy law alerts and automatic updates as time goes on

Use my link to sign up with Termageddon, and then send me your policies and I will put them on your website COMPLIMENTARY as an additional Black Friday perk for you!

Other Special Discounts for You

There are a few other website tech-related businesses I wanted to mention!


A CRM is the very first thing I invested in mainly for the invoicing. I ended up choosing Honeybook because they also had some pre-made contract templates which were SO helpful. I send contracts, invoice, accept payment, send questionnaires, contact form for my website, literally all of the things to look and BE professional.

Cyber Monday Deal [Nov 21-Nov 28]: You can get Honeybook for $1 for the first 2 months, and they will have annual plans 50% off! If you sign up using my link, I’ll embed a contact form on your Showit site for FREE.


One of the many email marketing platforms out there that I love, AND they have a new check-out feature which I feel like is so key. The emails are beautiful and they give you a ton of templates to help get you started.

Deal: 50% off your first year subscription with my link, and if you use my link send me a message when you’re ready and I’ll help you put your forms on your Showit site!


If you aren’t ready to invest in an email marketing system, Convertkit is a great place to start. You can start free and then decide what you want to do, when you want to do it. This is how I started my email marketing too!

Deal: sign up using my link and I will embed your first Convertkit form on your Showit site for free!

Black Friday Deals: Courses for Showit Designers

There are two programs that you need to have your eye on this year, especially for Showit Designers!

Booked Out Designer [from Elizabeth McCravy]

If you want to learn how to run a successful design business, you want this course. This is the first year that the course is included in Elizabeth’s Black Friday sale, and you won’t be disappointed. She even has payment plan options available too!

Sale: $150 off the course, starting November 17
Shop here and use the code at checkout to save: BLACKFRIDAY

Revolving Revenue [from Northfolk]

This is a program I’ve had my eye on, and it’s $600 off during Black Friday! I’ve seen the different YouTube tutorials that Sam and Rachel have out there, I love their teaching style, and this is one for any Showit designer looking to level up their business.

Sale: $600 off their course, starting November 20

Shop here and use the code at checkout to save: BF600.

Any other Black Friday Deals you have your eye on?

I would love to hear the deals you have YOUR eye on as a business owner! I feel like Black Friday is such a great time to invest in your design business. Let me know what you see out there!

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