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Whether you have been wanting to add that pop-up, or change up the design of that one know you have a list of website updates you want to make but just don't have the time. That's why you need a Showit designer to swoop in, check off your list, and get your website where it needs to be.

i'm so ready for this

Your new service can get updated on your services page

Blog set-up with categories and a new  desktop sidebar

finally add or change your testimonials with images across your site

add a dropdown to your navigation and redesign your footer

update your events and add booking buttons

You can finally stop Googling, or putting it off...and just get it done (quickly).

All the things you I can get done on your Showit website...

Your showit website can finally get updated with the brand images you got done forever ago


Your portfolio can be updated with recent images


You can finally grow (or even start) your email list


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Andrea Griep, Photographer

"Stacey was lovely to work with! She was great with communication and her turn around times were stellar! She exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend her!"

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We're on the same page, your invoice is paid and now it's time to pick your week! We will get your list done within the week you pick. Things come up and being 'locked into a day' isn't how I a week gives us plenty of wiggle room to get our stuff together and still be focused.

Lock It In!

After I look at your form, I'll take a look at your website and (most likely) send a video back to you with what I'm thinking we can do. The email will also have an invoice and proposal so you know exactly what I'll do and you can lock in your time!

my Thoughts

This quick form will help explain to me what is going on in your head and how I can help. I'll have a great idea of what you want to get done, and how much I can accomplish for you. I'll also be able to tell you if this is the right package for you!

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Toni, Chef Rafael Gonzalez

Working with Stacey was such a delightful experience. She was very professional, friendly, thorough and had a really good understanding of all the Showit back end. I was at ease knowing that my project and my concerns were all addressed and everything would fall into place...not just the way I think it should...but even better."

 "Stacey didn't just fix the things I asked her to fix. She polished up my site and in the end everything Stacey touched on my site was optimized.



  • Send me your to-do list or have me suggest the next steps to elevate your online presence.
  • I'll quote you a project rate and a timeline

Focus & Finish Package

I love a good quiz!

Take my quick quiz and I will create a custom video with what we can do to get focused and elevate your website!

Want some help getting focused?

Client: Chef Rafael Gonzalez
Toni and Chef Rafael were launching their new Showit site and wanted someone to go through and make sure links were accurate, and the design was perfect. I also created a custom pop-up for the home page, which opens a freebie to download after an email is entered.

Completed February 2022 - changes may have been made to the published site since development.

Showit Site Launch Ready

Client: Mary Elizabeth Gantz OBM
Mary Elizabeth shifted her services from a virtual assistant to an an online business manager with a focus on Dubsado set-up. She needed her copy updated across her site, and a redesign of her services page.

Completed December 2021 - changes may have been made to the published site since development.

Service Page Re-Design

Client: Laura Gossett Interior Design
Laura loved her website but wanted to streamline her services pages. We decided to break up her services into two separate pages, using a custom design that matched the rest of her website design, which was an Elizabeth McCravy template.

Completed March 2022 - changes may have been made to the published site since development.

New Services Pages

Client: Timeless Love
Jaclyn wanted to add a 'Lookbook' page as a Portfolio piece to her website. We used hover techniques on desktop and hidden canvas views to showcase her events.

Completed May 2022 - changes may have been made to the published site since development.

New Lookbook Page

What They Accomplished


Think of this as your accountability to get things done, with some flexibility.

Life happens and I get it, that’s why I say pick a week. That gives us plenty of wiggle room for those unexpected things that pop up. We still have a goal of when we’re starting and when we’re finishing without being tied down to a specific day. 

and honestly...that doesn't work for my style.

Most design intensives I've seen are a "day" model...

I'm a go with the flow type girl...

I’ll let you know what I’ve done (probably with a video) and any questions that I have. You can get back to me any time before the end of the week with your updates, changes and thoughts!

End of Day

 I’ll check in with you in the morning before I get into your account. If necessary, I would copy any canvas' that I'm working on so you have the original.

The Start Day

Send me images, copy, or anything else that I will need to start your project the next week. I'll let you know the day I’m going to focus on your list!

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Check-In Times



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You're here because you know you need help...but maybe you aren't sure which package is for you? That's fine! Reach out and let me help you pick the best one!

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