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...add more testimonials to this section

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Hire A Showit Designer.

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You can finally grow (or even start) your email list


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Your showit website can finally get updated with the brand images you got done forever ago


Your new service can get updated on your services page


update your events and add booking buttons


add a dropdown to your navigation and redesign your footer


finally add or change your testimonials with images across your site


Blog set-up with categories and a new  desktop sidebar

You can finally stop Googling, or putting it off...and just get your Showit site done.

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Fill out my contact form to let me know what you need help with and how soon you are looking to get it done. The more info you provide, the less back and forth we will have to kick things off together!

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After I look at your form, I'll take a look at your website and (most likely) send a video back to you with what I'm thinking we can do. The email will also confirm the project rate and date.

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"I’ve been wanting to add a headshot section to my website for quite some time and kept procrastinating. She took my needs and then independently made some changes that I didn’t know I needed and it was a happy surprise.  

She is quick to communicate and very thoughtful with design sense to reach your goals. I needed a few changes here and there after the first round of revisions and she welcomed my requests/feedback and I truly knew she cared. That means a lot and I appreciated it so much!! 

Cindy, Illinois Photographer

 "Stacey didn't just fix the things I asked her to fix. She polished up my site and in the end everything Stacey touched on my site was optimized.

Working with Stacey was such a delightful experience. She was very professional, friendly, thorough and had a really good understanding of all the Showit back end. I was at ease knowing that my project and my concerns were all addressed and everything would fall into place...not just the way I think it should...but even better."

Toni, Chef Rafael Gonzalez

Focus & Finish Package

Send me a list of tasks you want to complete on your Showit website. I will quote you an exact project rate for our time together, as well as when I will be able to accomplish it all. 

Stop Googling, stop waiting and let a pro give your site the update it needs!

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What They Accomplished

Page & Service Refresh

Client: Jenna Brown Photography
Jenna was looking to add a Brand Photography page and refresh her home page to guide visitors to her two different services. We created a new page for her Brand Photography, a refresh of her Family Photography page and a refresh of her home page.

New Shop Page

Client: Sprout Center Consult
I always enjoy making updates for Sprout Center a few times a year. This time I added a Shop page and connected products for purchase to individual Stripe pages for easy check-out. This is a great option for businesses that just have a few products in their shop.

Portfolio & Gallery Updates

Client: Revel Studios
Revel Studios has featured couples on their wedding photography and wedding cinematography pages. A few times a year I go through and update all of the images for them and the couple stories. It keeps their website up to date for any potential clients that visit.

New Service Page

Client: Laura Gossett Interior Designs
I designed a page in Laura's website for her new service for Home Builders. I also updated some of the descriptions of her existing services. Laura's website started with a template from Elizabeth McCravy and we have customized it quite a bit to fit her services.

Do you need updates to your Showit site?

I know you have a good intentions to update your website, but you know you have a million other things to do. Let me help you!