Showit Template Customization with Elizabeth McCravy’s Gabby Template

February 14, 2023

Katy is a non-diet dietitian and wanted to upgrade her current Showit website with a new template from Elizabeth McCravy’s Gabby template. She purchased the Gabby template with the Gabby Podcast Kit in order to clearly show her services and promote her podcast, the Rebuilding Trust with Your Body Podcast.

Customizing the Gabby Template

The Gabby Template by Elizabeth McCravy is already set up for success with clean layouts, and designed strategically to convert website visitors. There were a few custom touches we added to the template in order to really make Katy’s services stand out!

Free Resources at the top

It was important to Katy that her amazing free resources were at the very top of the page. I designed a custom 3 row layout to highlight her two most popular freebies, and a quiz.

Showit website of non-diet dietitian Katy Harvey after customizing her Showit template

Added a Pop-Up

I created a custom pop-up for an additional freebie option, which shows only once on the home page. When a visitor clicks ‘Get the Guide’ it directs to a sales page and opt-in Katy already had created in Kajabi.

Pop-up for a freebie created on a non-diet dietitian Showit template customization

Custom Footer

Katy already has an amazing blog, and I wanted to be sure and highlight that in the footer. I redesigned the footer to include her blog categories and promote her free Facebook group as well.

Showing the difference between the Gabby Template from EM Shop footer and the customized footer for a non-diet dietitian Showit website

How long did it take to customize the Showit template?

I started customizing the Gabby template on Monday, January 30 and we launched Katy’s site on Wednesday, February 8. It took approximately one week to customize the Gabby template, the Gabby podcast kit, and add in the custom touches to Katy’s site. It is important to note the factors that made this process so smooth:

  • Katy had an existing Showit site where I could pull a lot of information and copy to start
  • Katy was SO responsive with everything that I needed – from links to the freebies to how she wanted certain offerings laid out
  • The template had so many pages and bonus sections already included which made the process very easy to pick and choose which sections to use. Also, Elizabeth McCravy’s templates are always built with SEO in mind, so that made my job as a Showit designer a lot easier!

    Was it hard to publish a new design in her Showit account?

    When you publish a new design in your existing Showit account it is VERY easy. When we were ready I made sure to have the ‘Coming Soon’ page set as the home page. This is so we could make sure everything was 100% perfect before making her new site live – especially since she had a new blog layout and podcast page.

    Once we were ready, I just checked off her domain in the site settings of the new site, and hit Publish. It couldn’t have been easier!

    How did you add the Podcast to her Showit site?

    Katy purchased the matching Gabby Podcast Kit with her Gabby template. The main thing that had to be done was to make sure she had a Podcast category in her WordPress site. I had to create a Podcast page in her WordPress site in order for Showit and WordPress to ‘talk’ to each other. Katy was already in the process of moving her Libsyn show notes as WordPress blog posts, and just made sure to add the category ‘Podcast Episode’ to each post.

    Showit template customization of EM Shop Gabby Podcast Kit on a non-diet dietitian podcast page

    Are you ready to upgrade your Showit site?

    The transformation of Katy’s site was absolutely amazing, and you can have the same results! If you are working with a template, we can get your new Showit site up and running within a week. If you love the way Katy’s site looks, check out the other Showit templates that are available in Elizabeth McCravy’s online shop (she is a Showit Design partner for a reason!). Once you have your template reach out to me and we can get your new Showit site launched to perfection, with some personal touches to make it unique to your business!

    “Thank you SO SO SO much!!! It looks amazing and you are a dream to work with. It seriously took so much stress off my plate to let you do your thing rather than trying to fiddle with it myself. You rock!”

    – Katy Harvey

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