Choosing a Showit Website Template Instead of a Custom Site

September 27, 2021

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You just started your business and you know the next step is to create a website, but you have no idea where to start. That is why a Showit website template is an AMAZING option. I specialize in template customizations for the Showit platform and also provide white-label assistance to Showit designers that sell Showit website templates. So, what makes a website template so great? Here are five reasons why I LOVE them:

1. The investment of a Showit website template

A custom website typically ranges in the thousands of dollars. If you are just starting out, that is not a pretty price tag for you. Those same Showit designers may have website templates that would be the perfect fit for you at a cost that is reasonable for your business where it is now. You get the strategy from the Showit designer in a beautiful template created to convert website visitors.

2. You can DIY your website

A template allows you to DIY your website. The layout of your website is complete and created to be strategic and converting. If you stick to the template and update the copy and images, you can absolutely launch a website quickly. I work solely in the Showit website platform, and I know from experience there are a lot of Showit website templates for creatives that give entrepreneurs the ability to update and launch within just a few weeks!

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3. A Showit website template help you focus

It can be super overwhelming to start with a blank canvas when you are creating your website. A website template gives you focus because the Showit designer knows exactly what is needed to have a high converting website. The Showit website template guides you through what you need for your website. If you aren’t ready for a certain piece, you can always hide it until you are ready for it later.

4. More avenues for website support

If I was purchasing a template, I would choose a designer that provides support. Although you have the ability to message Showit directly for any questions you may have, a designer that provides support just adds to that experience of building your online home. The ability to email or chat with a designer that created the actual template is priceless. Elizabeth McCravy is a great example of a Showit website designer that sells templates and includes an entire Showit Blueprint Course to help her customers. To find a specific designer or template try searching for specific terms like ‘showit website templates for coaches’ or ‘showit website templates for photographers’. 

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5. You may not need a full custom site.

A website template is a great place to start if you don’t need a full custom site. Most entrepreneurs just need the basic pages and it isn’t necessary to invest in such a high-intensive project. A lot of website platforms, including Showit, actually have free website templates that are available for you to start with.

Hire a Showit Designer to enhance your website template

If you decide to start with a template, whether it is free or paid, you can always bring on a designer to add in some special ‘custom’ elements. A template plus a designer can give you that custom feel, within a price range that makes you feel comfortable. You can hire a Showit website designer to fully customize your template, or some designers (like me, wink wink) offer some designer day help. So go get that template, start designing (or hiring), and launch your new online home!

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You're here for a reason - whether you have a template and you're ready to start, or you haven't picked one out know it is time. Let's chat, see if we are a perfect match, and get started on customizing your site and launching it sooner rather than later!

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