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September 28, 2021

before and after of a template customization

Revel Studios Photography & Cinematography

Revel Studios Photography & Cinematography started with The Verona Template designed by Gillian Sarah. The Verona Template is a Showit template for photographers. We added quite a few custom features to the template, but had a great base to start with!

Showit website for photographer and videographer

Showit Custom Galleries

A way to display a gallery for each couple

Although we started with a Showit template for photographers, we wanted to add some additional features to display their work. We added some custom galleries into the template in order to showcase each wedding individually. The template had a section for blog posts already built in. Since they weren’t going to have a blog yet, I re-worked that section to create the galleries. A few of the highlights and custom features in this section include:


  1. Name of the couple when hovering over their picture
  2. Clicking their image opens a hidden canvas with images from their wedding
  3. The hidden canvas allows the visitor to scroll through all of the pictures, or click the category of their choice in order to open a pop-up with just those images.
  4. Depending on the couple, each one has their ‘love story’ under their images including vendor list. 

Showing a Showit custom gallery

New Featured Couple Pages Added to the Template

Highlighting photography and cinematography

There were a few couples that they wanted to feature on their own page. We created three new pages in the Showit template, each with a similar layout and linked from the home page. These pages included a video header of the couple, wedding galleries, their wedding video, as well as vendor list. To view one of the custom featured couple pages, click here.


Custom Cinematography Showit Page

We created a custom layout with a similar hover effect for the name of the couple on the Cinematography page. When a visitor clicks on a video, it opens a separate page featuring the couple’s video highlight, their love story, and their vendor list. Since we used individual pages for the Cinematography portfolio, we were able to name the pages by wedding location. This is helping to support SEO for their site.

Showit Template for Photographers

This was such a fun project to complete with the Revel Studios team! It shows that you can purchase a Showit website template for photographers, and customize it to be exactly what you need with the help of a Showit designer. If you have a Showit template and need help customizing it, check out my services page! Here is a walk-through of their site and everything we did to customize their template:



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