Outsourcing Showit Development for Showit Website Designers

May 23, 2023

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When you first start your business as a Showit Website Designer, you are doing all of the things. There comes a point though, when you are so busy you don’t have time to do everything. It is time to outsource some of those Showit development and design related tasks, so you can free up your time.

Showit Development

The first option would be to hire out development of your Showit designs. This is ideal for a Showit Designer that designs in an external program like Adobe XD or Figma. A Showit developer is able to take your designs and bring them to life in Showit. This includes everything from transitions to links to optimizing images. Typically the most expensive task to outsource, but also has the greatest time savings back in your day.

“I had so much on my plate and I love that I can trust her to perfectly execute the design. I handed over my design files and she took it from there!”

Amanda Scott, Showit Development Project

Showit Mobile Optimization

If you are a designer that designs in Showit, and not in an external program, mobile optimization would be great to outsource! You can mobile optimize one page so the developer understands how you want it to look throughout the site. This way the developer can tell if alignment is important, button size, text box width, etc. depending on your client.

Mobile optimization is also a great entry-way into working with a Showit developer. This way it is a lower cost to you as the designer, and you immediately understand how a Showit developer works.

Showit Template Customization

If you have a template shop or a lot of your business involves template customizations, outsourcing this part of your business is almost a no-brainer. You remain the point of contact and collect information from the client, and your Showit developer performs the template customization behind the scenes. A template customization is time-consuming, with the majority being small fixes and adjustments as you put in the client content. This is absolutely something you can outsource in you design business, while still maintaining the relationship with your clients.

Proofing YOUR Showit Templates

When you have a new Showit template created for your shop, it’s always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes to review it. Everything from layout and functionality, to SEO basics like the order of canvas items per Showit Standards. It’s also nice to have an experienced Showit designer review your site and make notes of anything that doesn’t flow well, or maybe point out something you may have missed.

When I proof your Showit template, you will receive a detailed Google Document of my notes. If you want me to make the changes as I go, I can do that or you can review my suggestions before I make them.

Showit Design Tasks

You can honestly outsource anything that is taking time up in your day. Here are other ideas to help get you thinking about what is possible:

Have a Showit Developer prep your site before you get into it.

This could include entering the design settings, loading fonts, image optimization and loading into the media gallery. It could even include starting the design with the navigation and footer.

Showit Design Settings

Help connecting and launching a Showit site.

You could hire someone to help update DNS settings in the domain registrar, double check the blog looks perfect before launching, and even a second pair of eyes to review the site from top to bottom to make sure everything is locked correctly, spaced correctly, and linked correctly.

Perform client revisions

If you receive client revisions that include pages of Google documents, this might be ideal to outsource. Client revisions are so time consuming. Generally they involve minor updates to copy or button sizes, or greater updates like designing new sections they forgot about, or laying out a section completely different. You remain the point of contact, while your Showit developer does all of the work!

Why should I outsource Showit tasks?

You started your Showit design business to have more time and freedom for your life. When you find yourself so busy that you can’t take a minute to help your kid, or take your dog for a walk, it’s time to hire someone to jump in. Once you realize that someone else can perform tasks similar, or even better than you can – you won’t think twice about outsourcing in your design business. What could you do with an extra 5 hours a week?

Literally, that was the single best service I have ever paid for for the entirety of my business. No one has ever been so efficient, specific, and detail oriented while also going over the top of what I even dreamed of.”

– Makena Delaney, Carlyle Creative

If you think you are ready to outsource, check out my services page exclusively for Showit Website Designers.

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