Showit Template Customization for Brand Photographer

June 20, 2023

Home and about page for brand photographer Showit website

Marissa is a Brand Photographer based in Maine and purchased a Showit Template on Etsy. She started to work on the Showit template but realized she needed a Showit Template Customization from a website designer.

The Showit Template for the Brand Photogapher

Marissa chose the Pink Boho Showit Website from Etsy. This Showit template included a Home Page, About, Offers, Blog Pages, Contact, and some additional pages.

Home page and about page of the Showit Template from Etsy

The Brand Photographer

I worked with Marissa for my brand photos (which came out AMAZING!) so I already knew exactly her personality. The Showit template she picked out was exactly her vibe but I definitely added a ton of custom elements. We wanted to show off her personal brand photography and her product photography as well.

When you work with someone you click with, you want to make everything perfect! Plus, as a website designer it makes a project even more fun when you connect with someone!

Marissa is a brand photographer from Maine

The Custom Elements to the Showit Template Customization

In order to fit with Marissa’s personality, I wanted to use softer lines and edges. All the photos have rounded edges as well as the buttons and any box elements that I used.

Showit has the ability to get very creative with a box – creating different shapes that fit SO well with Marissa’s brand. My favorite shapes are in these canvas’ with the arch shape and the tear drop shape for the call to action.

The custom Portfolio section on a brand photographer Showit website
Call to action for a brand photographer Showit website

I also created a pop-up mini session canvas that she can turn on and off whenever she wants! I made a custom video for Marissa to show her how to use her Showit website so she has full control of anything she wants to do with her website!

Custom Portfolio Page for the Showit Brand Photography Site

The Showit template didn’t come with a Portfolio page, so I created a custom page that highlighted her different areas of brand photography. When you hover over an image in the personal brand section, it creates a lighter opacity hover and then opens up to a full gallery of the photoshoot when clicked.

A screen recording of the custom Portfolio page on a Showit template for a brand photographer

The Finished Showit Template Customization Project for Brand Photographer, Marissa

Showit templates are great because they are built to customize yourself. If you want the most out of a Showit template though, you should hire a Showit website designer. A template is a great place to start but as a Showit website designer I know how to elevate your design to make it look custom, and we will be able to launch your site much sooner!

Before and after of a home page of a Showit website for a brand photographer
Before and after of an about page of a Showit website
Before and after of an offers page of a Showit template

Check out her entire site here! Interested in your own Showit template customization? Let’s chat and see what would work for you!

*Keep in mind when viewing sites live, the original template design may have been altered from the original launch

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