That's me! I'm Stacey.

showit website design help

You're done with Googling, and now it's time to hire a Showit Designer.

more than just some help with Showit

An intuitive Showit Designer that just gets what you need.

You may have a few things that need updating, or maybe you need a full website refresh - either way when we work together I promise to leave you with a Showit website that you are proud of. I can help guide the 'I think I want it this way' and teach what I did and how I did it through video tutorials. I'm excited for the opportunity  to learn about your business, and get that Showit to-do list checked off!


my services

Showit Website Help


Showit Template Customization

Choose this service for:
- You purchased a Showit template from a Showit designer and you need help customizing it

Think of this service as...a one stop shop to converting a template to your brand quickly from start to finish.

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Showit Website Refresh


Choose this service for:
- Updating copy on your site or a sales page
- You need one or more pages re-designed
- You're transferring your site from another platform to Showit

Think of this service have an existing site and need help making full updates to entire pages or your site.

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Showit Website for a Small Business

Choose this service for:
- You are fairly new in your business and need a professional website to showcase your services

Think of this service are ready to have a website that reflects your business, and you want it done professionally at an affordable rate.

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Showit Design Assistance

Choose this service for:
- Creating a new opt-in pop-up
- A new look to just a few sections of your site
- Mobile optimization for your Showit site

Think of this service have a few smaller things that need to be done, and need some quick help.

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Hey there

Showit Designers...

Feelin' that fully-booked, overworked, no time for coffee break vibes?

You started your business for more time...not to be working at all hours or spending your time copying and pasting things. It's time to get some help! Whether you need help getting the info into a template, resizing images, or mobile optimization...I'm your girl! Check out how I work and see if we would be a great match for each other.


my portfolio

Show-it Off

(see what I did there?)


"My very favorite part about working with you is how you communicated every step of the way.  I love the loom videos. I think the video increased the personal connection. We never talked personally, but I feel like I know you from the video interaction."

- Jennifer Caudle, Willow Mark Therapy

"Stacey is an excellent communicator. She responded to my (many!) questions, made great suggestions, and included a video that will help me maintain my website. Stacey exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend working with her!"

- Laura Gossett, Interior Designer

Stacey | Showit Designer

Laid-back, let's get it done, efficient designer

I’m definitely not a “hop on a call” type person but I am 100% a send a video type person! I LOVE sending videos of me talking through every step of a process, showing you and guiding you. We will work together to make sure your Showit updates are done efficiently!


"Working with Stacey was such a joy! She expertly knew exactly how to implement every element in my website to create a beautiful experience for potential clients visiting my site. Effortlessly orchestrating photos, copy, templates, and best UX/ UI principles together. Thanks to Stacey I was able to enjoy a vacation in Florida while my website was receiving a much-needed update."

Danielle Cook, Copywriter

Ok...let's do this!

You know you are ready. Enough researching, no more Googling, and absolutely no more early mornings and late nights trying to figure this thing out.