Tonic Site Shop Showit Template Customization for Online Coach

October 10, 2023

I am so excited to share this Tonic Site Shop Showit Template customization I just launched for Hello Thrivers. Stephanie came to me for help customizing her Tonic Site Shop Showit template for her online coaching business. She wanted to launch quickly, and knew hiring a professional Showit website designer was going to be the best option.

Hello Thrivers home page on an ipad mockup using a Tonic Site Shop Showit template

Tonic Site Shop Showit Template

She chose the Paper Plane Tonic Site Shop Showit template for her business. She started to work on customizing the Showit template but soon realized it was overwhelming. She wanted to make sure the site looked different from other people that have purchased the same Paper Plane template from Tonic.

A before and after picture of the home page of an online coaching business using the Paper Plane template from Tonic Site Shops

Creative Market for Special Touches

When Stephanie mentioned she wanted to make the Showit template different, I knew we needed to add some special accents. My first stop was Creative Market to find some gold accents. It was important to strategically add these elements throughout her site.

Color palette used in a Showit template customization for an online coaching business

Making the Showit Template Unique

Whenever I customize a Showit template I try to design different layouts to make the template unique. I wanted visitors to land on the page and have it feel special to Stephanie’s online coaching business. I changed up the layout and added a slow scrolling marquee to add some visual interest to the Home Page.

Hello Thrivers online coaching business home page scroll with a customized Tonic Showit Template

These are a few of my favorite sections I redesigned to make it different than the Paper Plane template.

On the Success Stories section, Stephanie wanted to focus more on the words of the testimonials rather than images of her clients. I used a faded representation of her logo along with a gold glitter accent and shortened the section to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Before and after of the success stories section from the Paper Plane Tonic Template during a Showit Template Customization

The other section is on the home page. You can tell by looking at the original template, I used the similar features of this section but just adjusted them differently and added some script text above her image to make it stand out.

Before and after of a Showit template customization from the Paper Plane Tonic Template

There are lots of unique features and design elements on Stephanie’s site that you have to see live! Check out Stephanie’s full site here!

Want your own Tonic Site Shop Template?

Tonic has LOTS of templates to choose from. The style of their Showit templates is for the modern entrepreneur and they also have lots of add-on templates as well. Check out the full Tonic Site Shop here and if you are ready to grab one, be sure to use my affiliate link to get 15% off the template!

Then when you are ready to have it customized, send me a message so we can make something special together!

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