Showit Pricing: Which Plan Should You Choose?

April 12, 2024

Updated: April 12, 2024

Showit pricing is based on three different subscription options which basically revolve around what your plans are with blogging in Showit. Every subscription plan includes the following:

  • Secure certificate (HTTPS)
  • Web hosting with media storage
  • Regular design backups
  • Access to customer support

You will also have support in connecting your domain to Showit, but you will have to purchase your domain on an external site first (like Squarespace for example, which recently just acquired Google Domains).

Do you need a blog for your website?

If you do not need a blog, you will pick the first subscription option. This will give you a Showit website with no blog. The Showit cost of this subscription is the lowest.

Pricing for this option is $228 a year, or you can pay monthly for $24/month as well.

Are you transferring a blog over from Squarespace or WordPress?

If you have a blog on Squarespace or WordPress currently, Showit will actually bring over your blog posts, pages, and plug-ins for you! If you have an existing WordPress site, it is important to note that you will be getting a new WordPress account with your Showit subscription. This is not an additional cost, and it is all included in the subscription price of Showit.

It is always recommended to take a back-up of your Squarespace or WordPress blog posts as well before migrating the blog to your new Showit account. This is a great article from Showit on how to create a backup of your current WordPress blog prior to migrating to Showit.

For this option, you will want the Showit & Advanced Blog plan. You will also be able to access all available WordPress plug-ins with this subscription tier as well. This is the Showit subscription with the highest cost.

Pricing for this option is $408 a year, or you can pay monthly for $39/month as well.

Do you have a blog from another platform other than Squarespace or WordPress?

If you have a blog on another platform that isn’t Squarespace or WordPress, unfortunately you will have to manually enter your blog posts into your new WordPress account. If you have Wix, there are plug-in options available to assist with moving blogs over. This would require the Showit & Advanced Blog plan in order to use the advanced plug-ins.

If you are manually entering blog posts or you are starting a new blog, you will want the Showit & Basic Starter Plan. This plan also gives you access to some standard plug-ins. You can see the full list of plug-in’s included in this plan here.

Pricing for this option is $288 a year, or you can pay monthly for $29/month as well.

Can I change my subscription level if I realize I need something after launching?

Showit customer service is AMAZING and you can absolutely change your subscription at any time! If you are moving up in the subscriptions, you will have no issues. If you are looking to downgrade your subscription, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you are moving from the Advanced Blog to the Starter Plan, you WILL lose your blog. You can export your WordPress blogs (and it is definitely highly encouraged to do so!). Once you downgrade your account to the Starter Plan you will be starting over with a brand new blog.

What if I want to cancel my Showit subscription? Will I ever have access to my site again?

When you cancel your subscription your design will stay in your account for up to one year. If you decide to resubscribe within one year, you will be able to access your site again exactly how you left it.

Can I use Showit for free?

You can use Showit for free…for 14 days. 😉 You can sign up for Showit without entering a credit card, and play around in the website builder for 14 days. After 14 days, you will have to purchase a subscription to continue using the platform. During your free trial, there are free templates available that you can use or if you purchased a Showit template you could enter that into your account as well! When you sign up for a subscription, be sure to use my Showit discount code to get a free month!

Are there any other costs with Showit that I should know about?

All of the subscription plans with Showit include website hosting with 20GB of media storage, secure certificate (https), and regular design back-ups. The only other cost that you would need with your Showit subscription would be the cost of your domain, which would be purchased outside of Showit and connected.

Also, you can use other third parties and link them appropriately to your Showit site. Some external costs (not related to Showit) could include:

You can embed and link practically anything into Showit! Just keep in mind some of those programs may be an additional cost based on your needs.

What if I have another question about Showit and how it works?

Send me a message! I’m happy to answer any questions related to Showit. If you are looking to work with a Showit website designer, I have lots of services available as well to help you launch your Showit website quickly and strategically!

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