Why I Chose Honeybook for my Website Design Business

April 19, 2022

When my business first started it was a virtual assistant business. After doing a lot of research on starting a new business I knew I needed a website, a contract, and a way to collect payment.  I created a website and I ended up using PayPal to create and send invoices.

When I started to niche down I knew I needed to invest in something ‘more professional’. I started to do my research on CRMs, and chose Honeybook for my website design business.

The #1 Reason I chose Honeybook

There was one deciding factor that made me investment in Honeybook over Dubsado or 17Hats or any other CRM I found in my research: contracts. Honeybook had templates for contracts, and although I felt as though my business was becoming ‘more official’, I wasn’t ready to invest a ton of money in legal contracts. I know that is probably not the ‘right’ thing to say or the ‘right’ way to think, but that is what my thought process was at the time. I was so excited at the opportunity to have a place to start with a contract, and it was included in the platform! I have since modified my contracts since starting with Honeybook, but having the templates there as a starting point was a huge bonus.

Honeybook contract templates

The other advantages of Honeybook

As I mentioned before, although my business was feeling more ‘official’ I knew I would need a CRM that just gave me the basics. It seemed to me that everyone that was further along in their business was using Dubsado, and I knew that I didn’t need anything that ‘fancy’ for just starting out my business. Honeybook was (and still is) perfect for what I need in my business right now. Here are a few other reasons why I love Honeybook:

Contact Forms

Honeybook has the ability to create a contact form that looks right on brand, and embeds onto your website. It looks clean, matches the overall design of the rest of my website, and it can be customized to have the fields that I need when someone fills out an inquiry. You can see my contact form live on my site here.

Honeybook contact form on a Showit website


I am able to create workflows in Honeybook based on the fields in my contact form, as well as other workflows that help guide and automate some of the processes in my business. I can set up a workflow that sends an automated email to anyone that sends an inquiry through my contact form, and I can even do it based on a field someone selects in the contact form process. This is AMAZING because I can cater to every type of client that comes my way and create a personal experience right from the beginning.

Email Templates, Questionnaire Templates, and so much more

I am someone that is all about efficiency. I do not like doing things twice, and having the ability to create as many templates as I want is such a bonus for me. I have specific questionnaires created that help guide my clients through a process, help me understand the needs of a client, and also help provide project feedback to make sure I am delivering the best possible experience for my clients. Email templates are amazing too. I use them for responding to inquiries, sending out proposals, delivering invoices, asking for feedback, and so much more. Templates are the best way to automate your business.

Payment Options

I have had so many clients go through my payment process and ask me what I use. They love the way it looks and how easy it is to make payments. It’s also great for me because it allows clients to have the option to automatically submit payments on due dates I set, and automatically sends out payment reminders to them prior to due dates. As a ‘people pleaser’ I don’t like to be the ‘tough guy’, so having a system to do the payment reminders for me makes it a lot more pleasant for me.

Actual footage of Honeybook doing the ‘dirty work’ for me

Join Honeybook!

Honeybook has a lot of great discounts for people just starting with them. You can use my referral code to pay $1 per month for your first 6 months with Honeybook. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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