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April 25, 2022

desktop view of copywriter Showit website

Danielle Cook is a copywriter and ghostwriter that needed her copy updated on her Showit website. She was using the Liane Template from Elizabeth McCravy which has one Services page. Danielle needed an individual page for each of her services that she offered: Ghostwriting, Brand Messaging and Copywriting. That’s where I came in!


Creating Individual Showit Pages for Each Service

I used the style from Danielle’s template to drive the design for each of her services pages. Since they were three separate services I wanted to make sure the hero image was different across each page. Danielle already had the copy for each services page, which made it very easy to visualize the key phrases that should stand out.

Three services pages for a copywriter


A Services Page to Link Everything Together

I really believe a website should take a visitor through a story. If you have a business that has multiple services, I love creating one services page that includes a small description of each. This allows the visitor to travel throughout your website with the least amount of overwhelm. This is exactly what I did for Danielle’s website. I did a full customization of the Services page in the Liane template in order to give visitors a broad view of the services she offers, and then click into each service if they wanted to learn more about it.

Scrolling Showit site


Updating Copy in the Showit Website

After creating the Services page and individual pages for each of her services, I went through and updated the copy throughout her site. I kept a lot of the original design elements of her Showit template, but also made strategic design modifications to enhance her copy. 

Showit template customization before and after for a copywriter


Hiring a Designer for Copy Updates

Danielle was ready to go with her copy which made the updating process VERY quick. We were able to update the copy, create four specific pages, and re-launch her site within a week. A copywriter and a designer are the best combination when it comes to website updates! When you have strong copy paired with a visually appealling website, it turns into a very strategic, high converting website. 

​​”Working with Stacey was such a joy! She expertly knew exactly how to implement every element in my website to create a beautiful experience for potential clients visiting my site. Effortlessly orchestrating photos, copy, templates, and best UX/ UI principles together. Thanks to Stacey I was able to enjoy a vacation in Florida while my website was receiving a much-needed update.”

If you are in need of a website refresh, or even just need your copy updated, take a look at my services and let’s get your site launched! If you need a copywriter, I strongly suggest checking out Danielle for copywriting services if you are going to update your Showit website.

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