Using a Showit Site Canvas

March 7, 2022

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A site canvas in Showit is a section of your website that you can create once, and use across any page in your Showit website. Here is an additional article from Showit explaining site canvas’ as well.

Where would you use a site canvas?

Typically you would see a site canvas as a footer, menu, navigation, Instagram grid, and perhaps a call to action (web designer lingo that would be called a CTA). Anything that you may need to repeat on multiple pages should be used as a site canvas. If you are looking at your Showit website you can see the site canvas’ in two ways:

  1. There will be gray lines going diagonally across the section of the site when you hover over it.

    screenshot of a site canvas in Showit

  2. Over on the left hand side, a site canvas will have a small globe above the canvas name.

    screenshot of a site canvas in the menu


Show me how to create one!

I recorded a quick how-to video to explain how you create a site canvas, and the advantages of using it.

Here are step by step instructions as well:

Step 1: Click the blue dots next to your page name, and select ‘Add Blank Canvas’

Step 2: Design your canvas however you would like by adding text, images, etc. (Don’t forget your mobile layout too!)

Step 3: Click the blue dots next to your canvas name, and select ‘Convert to Site Canvas’.

That’s it! If you ever need to update the site canvas, you can edit it on any page and it will update on every page. That is the beauty of them! Update once, and it updates all!

How to add your site canvas to other pages:

Step 1: Click the blue dots next to your page name, and select ‘Add New Canvas’.

Step 2: Select the canvas you are looking for, and then click Add in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: The site canvas will automatically go to the bottom of your page. You can click and drag the canvas up the list on the left if you would like to move it somewhere else.

Now it is added to your page!

Do you need a section in your site created, but still don’t know what to do?

That’s why I’m here 😉 If you just need a site canvas designed, you would be perfect for my Showit Design Assistance service. I can quote you based on your project needs, and we can get you some Showit help quickly! I’d love to hear from you 🥰

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