Showit Services Pages for Interior Designer

April 27, 2022

A screenshot of a Showit website for an interior designer

I worked on a customizing a Services page for an interior designer website. Laura is an interior designer that specializes in local and virtual design services. Her interior design website is the Catherine Template by Elizabeth McCravy, customized by Ida from Hygge Design Co. Her website was already gorgeous, so when she came to me as a referral from Ida, I was so excited to see how I could add to it!

The Services

Laura has two types of interior design services on her Showit website. She has one interior design service dedicated to her local area in Birmingham, and another service where she offers virtual interior design services. Each of these services has specific services related to them. All of this was on her one services page in Showit. The plan was to break these into two separate pages, and target the SEO appropriately.

The Result

My plan with any website design is to take the visitor on a tour. I want to lead them throughout the website, and make sure it’s not overwhelming for someone. I relied heavily on canvas views within each service so the website visitor could see an overview of a service, and then have the option to click for more details. If you aren’t sure how to create canvas views, check out this blog post where I go step by step!

A website screenshot clicking for more information about a service

The home page already had a way for visitors to either select local services or virtual services, but they went to one services page. After creating the two new custom Showit services pages, I re-linked these two sections to send visitors to the specific services page they were looking for.

Two Showit service pages for an interior designer

The Extras

There were a few little extras that went along with this project including an update to some of the ‘Shop the Look’ code, as well as adding a call to action for a free discovery call to some of the pages. The one thing I always do when I work with clients is provide a video going through each step they need to take. I LOVE when people come to me for help, but it is very important to me that they can keep their website updated on their own as well.

Loom video showing a client how to use their Showit website

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